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Clean water for everyone

Battery-free solar based water desalination.
More water - lower cost!

Battery-free solar based water desalination

Our system is able to process nearly all kinds of water sources, even sea water. The solar desalination based on reverse osmosis technology guarantees highest water quality production and can be adjusted depending on the use case (drinking, agriculture and industry water).

System Input


Brack Water



Reverse Osmosis & Filtration

System Output

Drinking Water

Irrigation Water

Industrial Water

What makes GRINO Water unique?

Five reasons to work with us

In contrast to competitors our technology allows to run the system dynamically according to the sun power. The full-service solution can be adjusted perfectly to the customer’s needs.


Due to high investment and maintenance costs batteries are responsible for 40% of the lifetime investment costs. We consciously avoid the use of batteries.

It´s simple

Everyone can setup and operate the system - without intensive training and just equipped with a standard screwdriver.


Our efficient battery free system is cheaper than competitors. Next to system purchase we offer direct water purchase contracts to low-income areas like Africa.


Grino systems utilize the sustainable power of the sun. We offer a reliable water source independent from energy prices and water network availability.


844 million people have no access to clean and save water. Climate change causes higher temperatures and unpredictable extreme weather conditions. Water scarcity reached a global level. Not only in Africa but also in Europe.


We assure a green, reliable and innovative access to clean and save water. The innovative unit between PV panels and desalination plant cuts energy losses by 60 percent. Our system is a sustainable solution enabling an efficient and battery-free water production.

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