Grino commissioned the pilot project in Ghana

Grino commissioned the pilot project in Ghana

Grino commissioned the pilot project in Ghana

Water for everyone!

Finally, after two years of research and development and 6-month border closure, Grino found the opportunity to implement its first Pilot project. Last year our team visited Cape Coast to investigate the possibility and feasibility of the project. Thanks to Technik ohne Grenzen e.V and local people we have selected Philip Quaque School, the oldest school in Ghana as the location for our first project in the real market. This project is financed by Innovation und Zukunft Stiftung (Manfred Schmitz, Barbara Schmitz) and provides drinking water for more than 600 students from two coastal schools and about 400 members of the local community.

For this specific project in collaboration with  Energiebau Sunergy Grino has successfully installed the 24 PV panels which can provide about 8 kWp power per day. The generated energy is mainly used for the desalination system and also part of it will be used to power the pump and the disinfection unit of the water distribution system. The distribution system connects the main water tank to the water tank in the 2nd school (Jacob Wilson-Say School) and the water tank that provides water for the community around the school. Besides, the extra produced energy for daily electricity consumption like lightning or charging of the electrical devices.

The construction of the borehole and borehole pump was completed by Safelex Watertech. This pump drags about 8 m3 water per day and the system provides about 3000-liter drinking water per day.

Four different water containers were separately fixed. In this way, Jacob Wilson-Say school and Philip Quaque School students will have separate access to the water resource. In addition, one extra container is provided exclusively for the community. About 30% of water production will be sold to the people at an affordable price to compensate for the small maintenance costs and ensure the sustainability  of the project. 

Here you can also find a short video of our pilot project in Ghana.

Grino is so happy that the impact  of the project includes not only  water  preparation but also hiring two employees and empowering the local businesses.

Grino is a solution for any restricted area and is seeking multiple partnerships in local districts to improve the local business and guarantee the after-sale services.

It is only the beginning of Grino and its global solution!