Collaboration to empower Africa

Collaboration to empower Africa

Collaboration to empower Africa

Collaboration to empower Africa

We are thrilled to announce that, Grino is now officially part of Africa GreenTec ImpactSite. In the ImpactSite, components for power production, cooling, water treatment, and communication are combined to offer new opportunities for the local village residents to increase productivity. The main goal of the collaboration between Grino and Africa GreenTec is to provide an independent and permanent solution to overcome all uncertainties and boundaries of water and electricity production and distribution.

Grino’s dynamic water purification systems are integrated into Africa GreenTec ImpactSite to develop a unique innovative solution that operates with the highest efficiency and lowest maintenance. 

In 2021, Grino provides 20 solar water purification systems for Africa GreenTec ImpactSites in different countries. 

Our mission is not only to directly contribute to SDG6 and SDG7 but also to meet almost all Sustainable Development Goals by improving the standard of living, local businesses, and enhancing the role of women.

Grino Water Solutions (Grino) is a spin-off company from FAU university and developed a novel water purification solution powered by renewable energy. The product is an off-grid battery-free fully automated water desalination and purification system. The dynamic operation of Grino systems enables simple integration into existing Micro/Mini-Grids to provide water and to stabilize the grid frequency at the same time.

Africa GreenTec (AGT) develops, builds, supplies, and operates ImpactSites. With products like the powerful Solartainer®, AGT relies on solar energy, the most logical and at the same time cleanest energy source in Africa. AGT empowers people to achieve more self-determination and growth through sustainable energy solutions.

Torsten Schreiber                                                                                                                                 Alireza Derakhshan

Founder & CEO                                                                                                                                    Co-Founder & CEO

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