Battery-free solar-based water desalination

Our system is able to process nearly all kinds of water sources, even seawater. The solar desalination based on reverse osmosis technology guarantees highest water quality production and can be adjusted depending on the use case (drinking, agriculture and industry water).


Solar Version

PV Panel

Hybrid Version

Solar + Grid

Genset Version

Solar + Genset

Smart Grid Version

Solar + Wind + Grid

Seawater systems

Technical specification

Seawater models

Operating conditions:

Salinity 45000 ppm Max.

Water temperature 25°

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Plug and Play

This version is a perfect solution for emergency cases. Solar panels are ready in 60 seconds Push-fit coupling are applied, and piping is ready in a very brief time.

Heavy duty design

Special design for harsh and high-temperature environments

Post-treatment filter

The output water of Grino products is based on the WHO standard. However, it is also possible to enrich the output water by adding useful minerals to the water.  

Energy stabilizer

Lowest maintenance besides applying seawater and solar energy as the most abundant resources make Grino’s solution sustainable and independent.

Remote monitoring

customers can access the system data remotely.

Brackish water systems

Technical specification

Brackish water models

Operating conditions:

Salinity 2000 ppm Max.

Water temperature 20°

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