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Battery-free solar based water desalination.
More water - lower cost!


Completely battery-free solar based seawater desalination


Completely battery-free solar based desalination system for remote areas.

Reverse Osmosis - efficient seawater desalination


Elimination of batteries makes Grino one of the most economic desalination systems in the world.

self-sufficient reverse osmosis

Easy to operate

Simple operation and installation besides remote monitoring make Grino an absolute reliable system.

We do reverse osmosis.
Without the downsides.

The innovative process created by Grino allows the desalination unit to work in variable conditions. In contrast to current technologies, the new system doesn't need nominal power to start operation. Grino adapts itself with available solar energy by adjusting the pumps speed. Therefore, even in low irradiation in the morning and afternoon Grino can provide water.

Smart Controlling System

Implementing the smart controlling system enables Grino to:

​Adjust the speed of pumps according to the sun irradiation power.

Optimize flow rate, pressure and recovery rate based on the variable solar power.

​Eliminates many complex conversion stages which lead to reducing energy losses by 60 percent.

Use the minimum amount of energy in the early morning and late evening which lead to a significant increase in the amount of produced water.

Current R&D

Grino could successfully optimize all operation parameters under the unstable condition using a different type of renewable energy. All these optimizations lead to ensure the quality and quantity of water by high energy performance. Since the food shortage is another pressing problem causes mostly by water scarcity, our company is working to improve the smart agriculture industry.

OUR vision

For agriculture operations, Grino systems could easily control, when and how much water is required and could then supply accordingly. Similarly, fertilizer type and demand can be measured and provided.