WaEn project #1

Project Description

Ndeda is a small island in Lake Victoria that is 45 minutes away by boat from the small lakeside town of Uyawi. Until 2018, Ndeda had no source of power and water besides kerosene, petrol, and disposable batteries. Since the beginning of 2021 Renewvia provides clean electricity for the community, following by end of 2021 Grino water purification system is added to the mini-grid and provides water and energy for the population.The main benefits of this project are: creating community access to affordable clean water, increasing use of clean solar energy (Productive Use of Energy), lowering the load on minigrid batteries and improving the frequency stability of the grid, and finally adding a new revenue stream to support the viability of the minigrid.

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Project Details

Location: Kenya

  • Installation year: 2021
  • Water production: 6000 lit/day
  • Number of the user: +4500
  • Water resource: lake Water
  • Partners: Renewvia Energy