Our product at a glance


Grino's unique technology doesn't need a battery! Removing the batteries reduced both product price and maintenance cost significantly.

Simple And Robust

The fully automated system, you don't even need to turn ON the system!!

Lifetime Value

Up to 15 years with minimum operating costs.

High Energy Efficiency

Thanks to our technology (patent-pending), we can produce more water at a lower cost.

Low Maintenance

No need to change expensive batteries every 3-5 years!!


Independent solution that fits the restricted situations.

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We provide a battery-free
solar-based desalination system

Grino developed a fully automated, but simple and affordable technology. Instead of environmentally harmful fossil fuels, or a combination of PV panels and destructive batteries, Grino applies an innovative solution to combine two abundant resources without any batteries.

Consequently, our system is fully independent, it doesn't even depend on battery exchange.

Our island solution can work for up to 15 years with the lowest maintenance cost.

Sufficient water access must be considered a human right. Water scarcity is a worsening global crisis which affects remote areas, in particular.

Grino offers a practical solution for the global problem!

Why Grino ?

  • Green
  • Reliable
  • Innovative

Energy Loss

Water Price

Investment Cost

Safe Water

844 million people have no access to clean and safe water. Climate change causes higher temperatures and unpredictable extreme weather conditions. Water scarcity has reached a global scale. Not only in Africa but also in Europe.


We assure a green, reliable and innovative access to clean and safe water. Our innovative control unit cuts energy losses by 60 percent. Our system is a sustainable solution enabling an efficient and battery-free water production.


Five reasons to work with us


Due to the high batteries cost and its short lifetime, removing the battery reduces 30 percent investment cost and more than 50 percent of maintenance cost.


Due to high investment and maintenance costs batteries are responsible for 40% of the lifetime investment costs. We consciously avoid the use of batteries.


In contrast with the system in the market that works in only narrowed hours of the day and they are too limited to the nominal power of pumps, our system adapts itself fully and automatically with low amount of energy at any time of the day or any weather condition.


Low maintenance besides applying seawater and solar energy as the most abundant resources make Grino’s solution sustainable and independent.

It´s simple

Battery elimination removes extra conversion stages in the system which leads to simple design and easy assembly.

Our News

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Grino commissioned the pilot project in Ghana

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Grino Water Solutions has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label

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